Coconut Soap - 100 g

          Price:  $1.60

Product Info.

VCO soap, or Coconut oil soap, the fact is people would like to make soap using Coconut oil for the reason that its saponification is very high, however, the Coconut oil is not cheap, but this is not an issue for us since we are the one producing the top Coconut oil even we use the super extra VCO to make soap it should not be a big deal as long as our customers are pleased.

The Coconut oil is cold pressed, the process of making soap is "cold" process (it is worth to mention that the "cold" means at room temperature), that is to say we are not losing any healthy properties of the Coconut. The Coconut oil soap is great for body care since it has properties of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-aging ....    

From time to time customers call in to tell us that the soap is great but can we make it with desirable aroma?, yes we do, here are flavors:

- Lemongrass   - Orange   - Lavender   - Cinnamon

- Vanila   and more ...

Just let us know what you'd like.

Please contact us if more info. is required