VCO - 4 Litres  

     Price: $45.00

Product Info.

                       Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) 

Our VCO is produced from fresh Coconuts from Coconut trees that are belonged to us as well from the trees surrounding our facility in Ben Tre.

The fresh but mature nuts are selected, the Coconut meats are removed, ground into flakes before being dried from our De-Humidifier machines. The drying process is at room temperature. Dried flakes is fed to the cold presses, the oil l is slowly extracted from dried flakes.

The final stage is the filtering, we use 3 Micron filter to remove impurity that is greater than 3 Microns in size to maximize the shelf life.  Our VCO is as natural as one can find, it contains full of freshness, coconut aroma and natural properties.

T Shelf life of our oil is over 18 months.

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