Tamanu Oil

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                                           Tamanu Oil


This is a rare oil in Vietnam, since the trees are growing in the wild but as population keeps increasing there is not much wild land left for them to grow. It is not like the old days when Tamanu trees can be spotted on the countryside.

Fruits are collected when they fall on ground, and brought to the facility for processing. The Tamanu fruits, some calls Nuts because all this fruit has is a skin and behind the skin is the tough shell. What need to be done is to crack the shell to get to the kernel.

All the kernel are removed from the shells, dry under the sun if possible, else we have to dry them indoor at low heat (60c), this process would take an hour or two. Dried kernels are ground to much smaller size for cold pressing to extract the oil.

We handle the process of any product that we do is quite hygienic, keep all processes at low temperature to minimize the oxidation. How good is our oil?, I don't think you can find a better product anywhere.   


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