Neem Oil

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                                          Neem Oil

The method that we use to produce Neem oil, we can call it Neem Extract. It is required a lot of work if it is to be done right.

The Neem trees are rather tall, some could reach up to 50 feet, and the fruits are rather small, the size of an Olive. To harvest these fruits one has to climb up and pick the ripe and mature fruits, this process is hard work and time consuming,

but this is exactly how we do it.

Once the fruits are collected, the pulps need to remove left with only the kernels. The size of kernel is about 1/10 of the whole fruit, which is not very much. We have to pick over 100kg fruits to get a couple of kgs of kernels. The fresh, wet kernels then are spread on large tap to dry, this could take a few days under the sun. Next task inline is to remove the shells of the dried kernels before pressing to extract Neem oil. The cost to produce Neem oil is high if it is done right, but it is the only way to have top quality.   

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